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When you need something to believe in, start with YOURSELF.

The story of Amanda Wilcox, an example to follow.

First of all, let me share her GiveForward page where you can read about her story, support and donate what you can. Amanda is an example to follow because with … Continue reading

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Never give up on your dreams

Hey beautiful people, I’m back! I took a little break from this blog but now I’m here and ready to tell you so many inspiring stories! Well..about me..let me tell … Continue reading

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#MusicIsLife : 5 songs a week

Hey beautiful people! How was your week? I hope everything fine 🙂 Here’s a small list of 5 songs that I wanna share with you. Feel free to let me … Continue reading

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#MusicIsLife : 5 songs a week

Hey beautiful people, how are you doing? I’d like to suggest you 5 songs that maybe can inspire your week or, at least, make you feel better. Music saves me … Continue reading

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” Live rich ” by Gary Turk

Here’s the Gary Turk second short film and as the first one ” Look Up ” ( ) these 4 minutes might change your way to see things. Please … Continue reading

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Apollos Hester, inspirational speech.

When the TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler got to interview East View High School Football player Apollos Hester none expected this but he gave us a precious lesson of … Continue reading

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Bethany Hamilton : never give up on your dreams.

Bethany Hamilton was born on February 8th, 1990. Hamilton was home-schooled from the age of 10. She grew up loving the water, and having a great passion for surfing. Soon, … Continue reading

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Never give up on your dreams

I suggest you to watch this video because I think you can learn something important. I know sometimes life is hard and maybe right now we’re going through a difficult … Continue reading

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Surf Dog Ricochet, riding hope.

It’s a story about a dog who’s inpsiring millions of people all over the world and I suggest you to watch this video where you will get to know Ricochet. … Continue reading

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Eyes on the road!

It’s only a commercial but sometimes we all can learn capital things by watching one of these. Please do not use your phone while driving! Eyes on the road!

June 14, 2014 · Leave a comment

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